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Caudia Equina Syndrome

I recently attended a Neuro Physio Clinic with Linda Jones following a relapse of chronic low back pain due to cauda equina syndrome sustained two years ago. I found Linda to be totally professional and sympathetic during my sessions with her. After an initial assessment, Linda tailored some exercises that would best suit my ongoing problems. Linda also made some other very helpful suggestions that would improve my lifestyle. The first was to purchase a specialist cushion to help with numbness and hypersensitivity that I have in my buttock and down my legs. This was to improve my comfort whilst at work as I have to sit for long periods of time as a train driver. Linda also referred me to have a foot brace fitted due to foot drop. Although this hasn't been fitted yet, I am confident this will help me to stop tripping when I am out walking for long periods of time. Despite having seen many consultants and neurosurgeons over the last two years, this was the first time anybody has made any really positive suggestions that could improve every day living.

Thank you Linda.

Mark, Sidcup, Kent

Stroke survivor

Four years ago I was discharged from hospital after a massive stroke which had paralysed all of the left side of my body and confined me to a wheelchair. As my local authority could not sustain a neuro-physiotherapist I sought an independent one, and was fortunate enough to be recommended to Mrs Linda Jones. Linda is a very competent professional who explains everything to me in layman�s terms.

Today I can now climb in and out of bed unaided and dispose of that bulky and hideous hoist. With the aid of a stick or quadrapod I can now walk 10m, and climb up and down steps. I can now safely transfer to and from a motor vehicle, which is a godsend as we can now go out into restaurants and pubs and visit my local rugby club at least once a week. Thanks to Linda the life I lead today bears no resemblance to that I had envisaged when I lay in that hospital bed.

Mr Kirk, Erith, Kent

MS sufferer

After several months of NHS physio I was still using a stick to move around the house. I consulted Neuro Physio Kent and after one week I was able to move around unaided and with confidence. I believe this was because the physiotherapist showed me how to strengthen the muscles I needed for walking. My condition fluctuates but I believe the physiotherapist helps me regain my independence each time.
Miss Kazmi, Bexleyheath, Kent.

Balance (vestibular) problem

I can highly recommend Neuro Physio Kent; for some years I have had problems with my balance, but at our first consultation the physiotherapist diagnosed the reason and set me on the road to recovery.
Mrs Hutchinson, Bexleyheath, Kent

Stroke Survivor

I have been seeing Linda following my discharge from Hospital and Rehab Unit and have found, through her experience and knowledge, a road to recovery from my stroke, which had left me virtually useless on my left side.

I am now in a position to walk fair distances unaided and have started to pick up some of my old hobbies such as gentle games of golf. I find Linda's approach to guiding me, educational and informative, with clear explanations to exercise and body management. I reckon that without her input I would still be struggling to get out of bed everyday, where as now I am encouraged to try things. I have now accomplished many things from climbing a ladder to holding a knife and fork, even typing most of this two handed, I still have a way to go, but know with her guidance and my hard work I will be once again driving up the A2 back to work.

Mr Lathrope, Bexleyheath, Kent

Fracture; broken ankle

I have known Linda for 9 years, since I had my stroke on my right side. Linda helped me so much.

Recently I fractured my right ankle; I just did not know how I was going to cope with it. In hospital they tried to get me to walk with a frame but it was too difficult. Linda suggested I came home in a wheelchair. She visited every week and over 3 months I got stronger and my confidence grew and I got back on my feet again. I never thought I would walk again but thanks to Linda I did.

Mrs Brown, Orpington, Kent

Supporting Clients in Nursing Care Homes

"After my father suffered a major acute stroke eight months ago, it left him paralysed on all of the right hand side of his body and in turn confined him to a wheelchair. I would like to thank Linda personally for attending to his physio needs over the past few weeks or so, and also for all the updates by email in relation to my father�s progress. On top of all the therapy, for also overseeing that his arm splint had been applied daily by the care workers and nurse at the care home, and liaising with my father�s doctor to try and ease his pain whilst doing the physio as well.

Thank you for your overall care, knowledge, understanding and consideration towards our father, whilst we waited for our local authority to provide us with a physiotherapist of their own.I will have no hesitation in recommending your professional services to others in the future."

Mr Mehmet, Sidcup.

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